Prostate cancer specific Living with Cancer Education Program

Thursday 21 April, 2016

Cancer and your financesSince 1998, Cancer Council Victoria has delivered the Living With Cancer Education Program. After evaluations showing the need for more cancer specific information and discussion, we have begun offering programs targeted at those living with or caring for someone facing prostate cancer.

Living with Cancer Education Program (LWCEP) evaluations from the past few years have identified two key challenges with the current structure:

  • minimal opportunity to discuss detailed information on specific cancers
  • lack of opportunity for discussion of sensitive topics

Due to the nature of the side effects of prostate cancer treatment, along with the sensitivities of some participants around discussing sexuality and wellbeing, in 2015 a pilot prostate LWCEP across four health services was delivered with 62 participants attending.

The program involved two LWCEP facilitators - one of whom is a prostate specialist nurse - delivering a two or four-day program to groups of men and carers. The success of these initial programs has meant that more will be delivered across Victoria in 2016.

All facilitators and participants were invited to complete a telephone survey after the program. Outcomes and findings are currently being analysed, and will be used to inform the design and delivery of future cancer specific LWCEP programs.

To find out more about our LWCEP program, call Cancer Council 13 11 20 or email

"I made connections, aired and laughed about serious topics like sexual dysfunction and incontinence in an environment in which I felt safe to do so."

"I didn't realise how much help was available."


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Updated: 21 Apr, 2016