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Thursday 9 June, 2016

Visual instructional videosDealing with cancer can be stressful and it can become hard for patients and carers to remember all the information given by different specialists. Visual instructional videos are now available to help with nutrition and speech pathology needs such as managing feeding tubes, swallowing difficulties and laryngectomees.

Peter Mac in collaboration with Western & Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service has developed seven short videos, called vodcasts, to maximise patient and family/carer understanding and confidence in self-management of care needs. These videos can be used to provide strategies to help patients and carers manage possible complications and promote a consistent approach of nutrition and speech pathology needs across health services. Created as educational tools, these vodcasts are hosted on eviQ Cancer Education Online, freely accessible and can be viewed as many times as required.

Vodcast topics include:
1. How to administer a syringe bolus feed via a gastrostomy tube
2. How to administer a gravity bolus feed via a nasogastric tube
3. How to administer medications via a feeding tube
4. Laryngectomy care
5. How to thicken fluids (Mildly Thick)
6. How to thicken fluids (Moderately Thick)
7. How to thicken fluids (Extremely Thick)

Examples of how vodcasts can be incorporated into a clinical practice include educating patients and carers on enteral feeding, laryngectomy care or thickening fluids (via computer or tablet). Vodcasts can also be used at relevant training schedules for new staff and/or those developing a new skill and assisting with the transfer of patient care.


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Updated: 09 Jun, 2016