Helping now for the next generation

Monday 12 September, 2016

We talk to Health 2020 participant Rosemary Castles about why she supports the work of Cancer Council Victoria.

I don't remember if I first became involved with Cancer Council Victoria before or after I signed up for Health 2020, it's been so long!

Some of my family have had prostate and lung cancer. Quite a few friends and acquaintances have had various forms – my school friend died very young, before she was 40. It's such an insidious disease that can affect anyone.

There would be very few people in the community who haven't been touched by cancer in some way, and it makes you think about how fortunate you are and what you can do to help. That's why I joined the Health 2020 study.

And because I have faith in the other work Cancer Council is doing, I donate monthly, take part in Daffodil Day and I have also left a bequest in my will. They're the ways I think I can help make a difference.

Through my involvement with Cancer Council, I've been able to see how important research is and it's encouraging to see what's being achieved. So I'll keep giving now – because every little bit helps – and, by leaving a gift in my will, I hope to support future research that will help generations to come.

If you have been inspired by Rosemary's story and would like more information about bequests or other ways of supporting Cancer Council Victoria, please call 1800 780 003 or email .

Updated: 12 Sep, 2016