I have cancer, what happens next?

What to expectA cancer diagnosis changes lives and can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to take in all the medical information. That's why Cancer Council has created ‘What to Expect' guides that outlines all stages, from diagnosis to treatment to life after cancer, and empowers patients through the decision making process.

The resources consist of 18 tumour-specific guides for patients to help make sense of what should happen throughout their cancer experience. Each highlights the value of having health professionals review test results and plan treatment based on the individual's preferences and needs.

Leonie, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer said it can be hard to understand the different options when you're also trying to come to terms with a diagnosis of cancer.

"Being diagnosed with cancer is a very scary time and you don't know what is to come. This resource will be so invaluable in providing people confidence to know what to expect, what optimal care they should be receiving, and helping to formulate questions for health professionals."

Launched after extensive consultation with healthcare professionals around the state, the resources are accessible to everyone, regardless of location.

"By removing the ‘unknown' of cancer treatment, a lot of the anxiety can be lifted," Leonie said.

The ‘What to Expect' guides are available in multiple languages at cancerpathways.org.au.


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Updated: 05 Apr, 2017