A cup of tea for a good cause

Anna, Australia's Biggest Morning Tea hostCancer's had a significant impact on Anna's life. She lost both her parents to the disease - her father passed away from stomach cancer in 2005 and her mother from leukaemia in 2014.

A month after losing her dad, Anna decided to host an Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in his honour. It's now been thirteen years, and Anna's still hosting a morning tea at her workplace - all to raise vital funds for Cancer Council Victoria.

With Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in May, we caught up with Anna to chat about her event.

You hosted your first morning tea in 2005, how has it grown?

"In the early days it was just a gold coin donation so we raised about $150. These days I raise up to $4,000 at each morning tea. Over 13 years I've raised $25,000."

What would you say to someone wanting to host a morning tea?

"Try to involve everyone. Organise catering, bring on a local business, ask staff to volunteer to bring in food. People have different dietary requirements so try to cater for everyone so no one misses out.

"In terms of raising money, I found holding a raffle works. If you can get one major prize, you'll get a few hundred dollars on top of your entry money. Also, have a minimum charge. Back in the day the gold coin donation wasn't raising much; making it $5 for entry made a difference.

"My work also supports by matching staff donations. So if you can, get your workplace on board."

Why do you support Cancer Council Victoria?

"I lost my parents to cancer - that's why I do it. I also like that Cancer Council Victoria supports all cancers. It's a great feeling to help such a worthy cause and to know that I can make a difference. We all want a cancer-free future and there's too many statistics out there that need to change.

"Australia's Biggest Morning Tea's also a nice event. People talk about their cancer stories and it's a way people can contribute and do something in memory of someone they've lost, or for someone living with cancer."

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Updated: 07 Apr, 2017