It Doesn't Have to Be Like This


(A young couple are kissing in a candle-lit room. They sit on the couch and continue until an alarm sounds.)

Man: What’s that?

Woman: It’s my anti-cervical cancer underwear.

Man: Anti-what wear?

Woman: My touch sensitive anti-cervical cancer underwear. They give me all the protection I need. You know, you only have to have sex once to risk cervical cancer.

Man: So… ahhh… what do we do now?

Grandmother (photo in frame): It’s true dear – sex does put you at risk of cervical cancer, even if you always use protection, and even if you’ve had the vaccine. But don’t let that stop the fun – get a Pap test every two years and you can still have yourself some of that.

Updated: 29 Nov, 2012