April 2017

Statement from Cancer Council Victoria on Cochrane Review of plain packaging

Cancer Council Victoria welcomes the findings of an independent systematic Cochrane Review released today that has found tobacco plain packaging may reduce smoking prevalence.

Researchers a step closer to harnessing the immune system against cancer

Victorian researchers investigating how to genetically engineer a patient’s immune system to target cancers have discovered a new method to enhance the potential of this therapy, with the discovery providing the potential to uncover more effective treatments for a range of cancers.

Powerful Australian cancer and alcohol advertisement ranked best in the world

A graphic advertisement which shows how alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream, increasing the risk of cancerous cell mutations in the liver, bowel and throat, has been found to be the most effective alcohol education advertisement internationally, according to a new study.

Young men urged to stop stalling and quit

Young men are the target of a new Quit campaign, which urges smokers to ditch cigarettes now rather put off quitting until they are older and starting to feel the damage to their health.

John Clarke - A statement from Cancer Council Victoria CEO, Todd Harper

We are deeply saddened to hear of the sudden passing of comedian and long-time Cancer Council Victoria supporter John Clarke.

Updated: 01 Apr, 2017