November 2016

Cancer Council Victoria’s Clinical Network celebrates 40 years of connecting cancer clinicians

Cancer Council Victoria’s Clinical Network is celebrating their 40th year of connecting cancer clinicians from across Victoria.

New Arabic cartoon featuring Akmal Saleh targets tricky subject

Egyptian-Australian comedian Akmal Saleh has written and voiced a new cartoon that aims to break down the stigmas around cancer screening using comedy.

Victorians needed for study into law at end of life

Victorians are being urged to take part in an Australian-first study to better understand community engagement with law at the end of life.

Hidden kilojoules in alcohol a double whammy for health

Cancer Council Victoria is urging drinkers to beware of the hidden kilojoules in alcoholic beverages, as new figures reveal a few drinks after work could equal half a day's energy intake.

Comedy gives a new meaning to bowel screening

Toilet humour is performed alongside important lessons about cancer prevention in a new upcoming stand-up comedy show for the Victorian Koori community.

Slip, slop, slack leaves Victorians red-faced

New Cancer Council research shows fewer Victorians are using hats to protect themselves from the sun and, as a result, are getting sunburnt on their face, head, nose or ears.

Victorians ignore skin cancer risk, as state-wide campaign warns ‘all UV damage adds up’

A new study has found Victorians know the dangers of sunburn and tanning, but half of us still aren’t using sun protection every day in summer – despite data showing almost 100,000 skin cancers were treated in a single year.

National survey reveals Aussie school students drinking less alcohol

Alcohol consumption by students is decreasing, with around a quarter of 12 to 17-year-olds drinking in the past month compared to 37 per cent in 2008.

Winning the fight against Big Tobacco

By Todd Harper, CEO Cancer Council Victoria

Updated: 01 Nov, 2016