January 2016

Millions of Australians to receive free bowel screening kits in 2016

Approximately two million Australians will be invited to screen for bowel cancer for free in 2016 with the continued rollout of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. This year, approximately 300,000 people will be added to the program.

‘Healthy' summer drinks hide more kj than a Big Mac, health experts warn

Leading health experts are warning Victorians to be wary of store-bought smoothies, frappes and shakes this summer, after a LiveLighter investigation found many contain more kilojoules than a McDonald's Big Mac and are extremely high in sugar.

Fixing the alcohol tax system could reduce harms, new study shows

Increasing the cost of the cheapest alcohol could reduce an individual’s consumption by as many as 11.5 standard drinks a week for low-income wine consumers, a new study has shown.

Tobacco outlets near schools tempt students to light up

Non-smoking students are more inclined to be susceptible to smoking if there is a cluster of retail outlets selling tobacco near their school, prompting Quit Victoria to call for measures to limit cigarette availability.

Butt out for a fresh start in 2016 – but not on January 1

A new year brings a fresh start, and Quit Victoria is encouraging smokers to seize the opportunity to improve their health by butting out for good in 2016.

Updated: 01 Jan, 2016