August 2016

Daffodil Day celebrates 30 years of growing hope

Cancer Council’s much-loved Daffodil Day will turn 30 tomorrow, coinciding with three decades of significant advancements towards a cancer-free world.

Arabic cancer screening project fights stigma to make community healthier

A new unique program aims to improve the screening rates for breast, bowel and cervical cancers for Arabic people in the Hume area.

Half of 'natural' foods unhealthy: report

Australians are being urged to be wary of foods which claim to be ‘natural' with new research showing that almost 5 in 10 ‘natural' products are high in saturated fat, sugar and/or salt.

E-cigarette ads can trigger an urge to smoke in ex-smokers

Exposure to electronic cigarette advertising may increase former smokers' desire to start smoking regular cigarettes again, new research has found.

Updated: 01 Aug, 2016