October 2010

Prevention agency would save Australian taxpayers in alcohol clean-up

By passing the nation's first National Preventive Agency bill, the Federal Government could speed up action on alcohol and save Australian taxpayers from footing the $15billion clean-up bill says the Alcohol Policy Coalition.

Join the fight and become a SunSmart ambassador

We are asking Victorians who have been diagnosed with melanoma and other skin cancers to join the likes of Australian Cricketer, Michael Clarke, and spread the SunSmart message.

Big tobacco wastes government time looking for non-existent smoking gun

Big tobacco continues to run scared of plain packaging, bombarding the Department of Health and Aging with freedom of information (FOI) requests in a desperate attempt to find ways to stop the most significant health reform in decades.

Prayer can't hurt but medical miracles are based on science, not faith

Let's be clear about cancer and miracles. Until the middle of the 20th century, a cancer diagnosis was in most cases a death sentence. Today, more than 60% of Australians who are told they have a potentially terminal cancer are alive five years later. Thousands of patients each year are treated successfully.

COSA Consumer Forum

Victorians will have unprecedented access to cancer experts from across the globe when the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA) hosts a free forum for people affected by cancer in November in Melbourne.

Junk food tax needs to be on the table at Tax Summit

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) has called on the Federal Government to include serious discussion of food pricing initiatives, including a junk food tax and healthy food subsidies, at the upcoming Tax Summit.

Shepparton to benefit from free cancer support forums

Two special Cancer Council Victoria forums will be held in Shepparton on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 October. These are free for the community thanks to a generous financial contribution from RACV, and support from several local health and community services.

Cancer Council urges caution over commercial breast checks

As the world turns pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cancer Council Victoria is urging women to beware of companies offering breast imaging services as a means of detecting breast cancer.

Sunscreens unplugged – all you need to know this summer

Recently there has been significant discussion about sunscreens in the media. Here SunSmart sets the record straight by telling everyone the facts so that you can stay safe in the sun this summer.

Updated: 01 Oct, 2010