December 2010

Breakthrough in lung cancer research

Australian and international researchers have announced a potential breakthrough in lung cancer research - linking it to a genetic mutation for which blocking drugs already exist.

SunSmart calls on festivals to join the fight against skin cancer

SunSmart is urging all festivals to join the fight against skin cancer by ensuring the provision of adequate sunscreen for festival-goers this summer after receiving a spate of complaints about the confiscation of sunscreen.

Health bodies call for crackdown on alcoholic energy drink manufacturers

A coalition of health organisations has called on the State and Federal Health and Consumer Affairs Departments to follow the US example and push manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks to withdraw their products from sale.

Going to the dark side

From the dark side of cake to the dark side of tanning, may the force be with you this summer as we find out why there's nothing healthy about a tan and new research shows sunscreen as the lightsaber against melanoma.

Win the Golden Ticket!

SunSmart is joining up with Golden Plains this summer to offer sun savvy music fans two free tickets to the epic music festival that takes place on 12-14 March 2011.

Government subsidises nicotine patches, giving smokers support they need to quit

Australia's three million smokers will have more reason to quit, after the federal government today committed to funding nicotine patches on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

An aspirin a day

The media is abuzz today with stories about aspirin cutting cancer risk. We look behind the headlines to ask: does an aspirin a day, really keep the doctor away?

Dark Side of Tanning campaign conveys deadly message to young Victorians this summer

With summer approaching, SunSmart is launching a graphic melanoma awareness campaign targeting young people and urging all Victorians to be better prepared for the outdoors this season.

87% of Australians support traffic light labelling on front of food packs

A leading coalition of health groups, the Obesity Policy Coalition, has appealed to the Food Labelling Review panel to prioritise public health when it presents its final report to the Food Standards Ministerial Council tomorrow.

Coping with cancer over Christmas

Celebrating Christmas can be difficult for people who have experienced a major change or loss in their life. Feelings of loneliness, isolation and sadness are common and Christmas traditions can be painful reminders of how different life has become.

Updated: 01 Dec, 2010